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Chinese customs for weddings

In the past, arranged marriages were the most common method of union in China. The majority of Chinese spouses today marry out of passion. However, they continue to practice some Chinese wedding customs to render their big day more special and valuable.

One of the biggest and most important traditions is selecting an auspicious date (, tung shng). It’s very important to select a good date that assures a prosperous future for the newlyweds and avoids unlucky dates. The selection of the wedding date is based on several factors, such as each family’s calendar, the year’s figure, the couple’s birthdates and Zodiac signs.

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The matchmaker (, yn ming) matches the two families’ birthdays through suan ming. He or she will then present a betrothal gift Pinli to the girl’s family, usually consisting of money and significant treats including food, cakes and bridal pastries. The girl’s family will reciprocate with a bride price Jia Zhuang which typically includes bedding, clothing and tea sets.

Once the betrothal gifts are presented, it’s time to celebrate. Firecrackers and loud gongs will be struck to mark the beginning of the procession to the bride’s house. Lanterns, musicians and a dancing lion will follow. Upon arrival at the bride’s house, the groom’s party will be welcomed by friends of the bride who are ready to haggle with the entourage for entertainment and until they surrender enough red envelopes or hong bao .

The partner thanks her kids and escorts his family back to their house on the third day after the marriage. Chinese free dating wesites this is also a chance for the groom to demonstrate to her that he is capable of respecting her kids’ wants and not just thinking about his own happiness in their mother’s union.

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