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Rap Battle of Legal Knowledge

Yo, yo, listen up, I got a story to tell,
About the law and how it casts its spell.
From legal prostitution in Australia,
To ending a contract with O2, so you don’t fail.

Got joint venture plans, check out this link,
Business plan example, you’ll be in the pink.
Need a solicitor, Cavendish Legal Group is the one,
Or read up on the Law Gazette, have some fun.

If you’re in Contra Costa, need family law,
Facilitator’s got your back, no need to draw.
And in the US, know the redundancy law well,
It’s important knowledge, like the ocean lakes lease spell.

CS:GO trade up rules ain’t no joke,
Make sure you know them, or you’ll be broke.
And for that settlement agreement, no need to be bitter,
Get the best solicitor, they’ll make it all glitter.

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