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Legal World Rap

Ganja legal in India
DV in Nepal documents required for DV in Nepal
Small Claims Court rules in Colorado
June Holidays legal holidays in June
Court Date finding it online
Society Rules importance of rules
Legal Secretary duties and responsibilities
Data Protection Law in India
Speckled Trout legal size in Louisiana
Criminal Law in South Africa

Yo, check it, the legal world is a crazy place,
With rules and regulations to keep you in your place.
Ganja might be legal in India,
But in Nepal, you need the right documents to be free-ah.
Colorado’s small claims court got its own rules,
While June brings legal holidays for the fools.
Wanna know your court date, go and find it online,
And remember why society needs rules to shine.
Legal secretaries got duties and responsibilities to bear,
And new data protection law in India makes it fair.
In Louisiana, the speckled trout has a legal size,
And in South Africa, you better know the criminal law advice.

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