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Legal Matters Rap Blog

Yo, listen up I got some legal facts,
From self-defense to bulletproof glass,
The law in Cali and banishment in Georgia,
Let’s dive in, no need to ignore ya.

Self Defense Rights

When it comes to self defense laws,
You gotta know, it’s your right to pause,
Protect yourself within the law,
Don’t be caught slippin’, don’t be caught raw.

Bulletproof Glass and Tint

Ever wonder if bulletproof glass is legal?
And what about tint? Can you see through the mist?
In California, 5 window tint is the max,
Stay informed, don’t pay the tax.

Legal Agreements and Principles

From contracts to code, we’ve got it covered,
Renting a home with a contract, don’t be smothered,
And don’t forget the principle of legality, it’s key,
When dealing with the law, best believe it’s free.

Others Legal Matters

For manufacturer deals and services by the bay,
There’s an agreement, you gotta weigh,
And in Georgia, be aware of the banishment laws,
In every legal matter, be sure to pause.


So there you have it, a rap about the law,
From self-defense to contracts, no need to withdraw,
Stay informed, know your rights,
Legal matters, keeping you tight.

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